In 2016 I will be a real author

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What it did require was a lot of writing. I completed two Nanowrimos with explicit word length targets, and otherwise I wrote as much as I could, as often as I could, about whatever I felt like. I joined a few writing groups. I took two writing classes, one of which worked and one which really didn’t. I spent a lot of time discovering what software worked and which didn’t for me. I started roleplaying again. I found my muse and my voice. I’m going to blog about all of these things, but that is not this post.

2016 is the year I get published. Enough pussyfooting around here. I need to finish stories–probably short stories–submit them, and start my rejection letter wallpaper.

Since Getting Published is one of those big life goals that is intimidatingly large, I’ve broken it down into targets.

  • Dissect short stories: I don’t normally read short stories because, well, they’re short… But if I want to practice story structure over and over this is the right way to do it. I need to read a lot of short stories, pull them apart, and figure out what makes them tick.
  • Take a short story writing class: I will shortly be registered in the University of Toronto’s continuing education short story class. Because weekly deadlines are amazing.
  • Complete at least one story per month: This seems low but I want to shoot for something attainable to start.
  • Find likely magazines to submit to: I’ll find these as part of #1 and note them and their requirements down for future reference.
  • Submit to the U of T’s writing competition: The teacher in my writing course recommended this competition. The deadline should be slightly later in the year so I should have something by then.
  • Blog! Because I should take notes somewhere, and maybe they’ll be helpful for other people too.

A friend also suggested I put some of my writing up here too for kicks.